Dr. Douglas Harrington, GUARDaHEART & SHAPE Promote Revolutionary Approach to Identifying and Preventing Cardiovascular Disease at the Lipidologists of Los Angeles Event

Dr. Douglas Harrington, CEO of GD Biosciences and Clinical Professor at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, and GUARDaHEART Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting heart disease through awareness and prevention, collaborated with SHAPE (Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication) in a joint scientific presentation at the quarterly LOLA (Lipidologists of Los Angeles) scientific meeting at the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion Building of Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital in Los Angeles.

As keynote speakers for the event, Dr. Harrington and Dr. Morteza Naghavi, Founder of SHAPE Task Force presented “An integrated approach to prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease: The Framingham Risk Score, endothelial function and inflammation” to leading cardiologists and lipidologists.

Dr. Harrington presented a novel blood test that improves detection of patients who frequently have no evidence of disease by conventional evaluation that are actually at high risk of a heart attack.

Dr. Naghavi emphasized the importance of vascular health and the need to overhaul the existing outdated and inaccurate method of cardiovascular risk assessment, which fails to identify “The Vulnerable Patient” (asymptomatic individuals having a high risk of a near future heart attack).

“Our collaborative effort aims to promote a revolutionary approach to cardiovascular disease prevention and management” commented Dr. Harrington. “Physicians are now empowered with better tools that are clinically proven to more accurately identify individuals with active, yet undetected subclinical disease that are at risk of experiencing a coronary event, and for whom early intervention can help.” 

About Global Discovery Biosciences

Global Discovery Biosciences is a pioneer in the field of diagnostic medicine, working on the cutting edge of medical research to turn discoveries into innovative products and bring those products to the global marketplace. We work with advanced research teams to develop, manufacture, and distribute technology platforms to address the needs of the global disease burden.

Our CLIA-certified and GMP laboratory performs a menu of clinically effective tests targeting key health issues, with the goal of equipping physicians with the tools they need to transform health care by focusing on early disease detection and prevention.


GUARDaHEART is a non-profit foundation dedicated to fighting heart disease with the mission: “LEARN. DETECT. PREVENT.” GUARDaHEART works with strategic partners, healthcare providers, and other non- profit organizations to promote awareness through education and risk detection tools, to ultimately empower preventative action and reduce the risk of heart disease worldwide.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, but many are unaware that it is 80% preventable. GUARDaHEART encourages individuals to know their risk of heart disease, and take the necessary steps to maintain or reduce their risk in order to prevent a heart attack. 


The Society for Heart Attack Prevention & Eradication (SHAPE) is a tax-exempt public health organization created to promote public awareness, professional education and research related to early detection, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (arterial plaque), the most prevalent underlying cause of heart attacks and stroke. SHAPE is committed to educating doctors and their patients about the devastating consequences of not screening for the accumulation of arterial plaque. Additional information is available at: www.shapesociety.org. To get involved with SHAPE and become a volunteer, please email us at: info@shapesociety.org or call 713- 529-4484. 


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