​The PULs Cardiac Test, a 9-protein biomarker based blood test that detects and diagnoses early-stage heart disease in asymptomatic patients,today announced its strategic partnership with IPC Heart Care to help bring prevention and enhanced detection methods direct to India. The announcement is the first of a strategic international expansion plan.

"The PULs Test is the only known diagnostic and predictive assessment that has demonstrated significant improvement in identifying patients with early stage cardiac lesions that has been validated in a multi-ethnic population," said Dr. Harrington, CEO of GD Biosciences and co-founder of the PULs Test. "With its ongoing success in the U.S., the PULs Test aims to catalyze improved disease detection and management in India and around the world."

The PULs Test has seen significant growth in the U.S. since its launch earlier this year.As an affordable, non-invasive blood test, reimbursed by insurances it has shown to be a breakthrough in disease management and prevention.

India, the second most populous country in the world with over 1.2 billion people, has seen a four-fold rise in cases of heart diseases within the last forty years.

Each hour 91 people die of heart disease in India, which has become the number one killer in the nation. 80 percent of heart disease is preventable through healthy lifestyle choices, education and early detection

India's first woman preventive cardiologist, Dr. Pratiksha G. Gandhi, founder and Chairperson of IPC (Institute of Preventive Cardiology) Heartcare, comments:

"Since 1999 I have been practicing in preventive Cardiology, and the disease has increased multi-fold, especially in the young economically productive age group of Indians. It is no longer a disease of rich smokers or sedentary people. It can affect anyone and everyone who has a heart, as there are many risk factors beyond the typical ones currently assessed by hospitals.

These current methods in India are inadequate in detecting early stage disease in patients who do not have traditional symptoms like chest pain. IPC Heartcare is proud to associate with GD biosciences, since the mission statement of IPC is to prevent heart attacks through early detection,education and offering non- invasive, cost effective solutions to keep people away from heart diseases.

We will be working with all hospitals,cardiologists, laboratories in India to make this life saving test available to everyone who is interested in knowing their heart attack risk and averting same."

IPC Heart Care will be the sole representative of GD Biosciences for their PULs Cardiac Test to the entirety of India, and will be the first Preventive Cardiology Clinic to carry the test in mainland Asia. 

Anyone interested more in knowing about this test and availability in India can email queries to pgandhi@gdbiosciences.com

About GD Biosciences

Global Discovery Biosciences is a pioneer in the field of diagnostic medicine. The company works on the cutting edge of medical research, turns discoveries into innovative products and brings those products to the global marketplace.

The company works with advanced research teams to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative technology platforms to address the needs of the global disease burden. Its CLIA-certified and GMP laboratory performs a menu of clinically effective tests targeting key health issues. Our goal is to equip physicians with the tools they need to transform health care – one patient at a time.

About the PULs Cardiac Test
The PULs Cardiac Test is a simple blood test that uses breakthrough medical technology to identify individuals with active, yet undetected subclinical Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), who are at risk of experiencing a Heart Attack, and for whom early intervention can help. For more information, visit www.pulstest.com or view recent news coverage:

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About IPC Heart Care Centre

IPC Heart Care Centre was formed by Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi with an objective of preventing heart attacks. Dr. Pratiksha is India's first woman Preventive Cardiologist. IPC Heart Care Centre is a global pioneer in the field of Preventive Cardiology, having done path-breaking work in the field of Non-Surgical Treatments for Heart Ailments. They operate with centers in India and USA.

The mission of IPC is preventing Heart attacks reversing heart disease, through continuous education, early detection and to provide alternative non-invasive holistic treatment affordable by all. Thereby reducing the incidence of Coronary Artery Disease and promoting the prevention of premature deaths and disability.