Global Discovery Biosciences Announces Collaboration with IPMD, Inc. to Develop Innovative Aptamer-Based Blood Test for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Discovery Biosciences, a laboratory dedicated to leveraging research and technology to conquer some of the biggest healthcare challenges, announces their collaboration with IPMD, Inc. to develop a simple and highly accurate blood test for the early detection of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death. Typically, the symptoms and subsequent diagnosis of lung cancer appear at an advanced stage of cancer, where the chance of a cure has already passed. Early screening is a preferred solution, yet to date, no method for lung cancer screening has proven effective. 1-3

Global Discovery Biosciences and IPMD, Inc. are developing an affordable, aptamer-based solution aimed at detecting the presence of a large array of biomarkers within the blood, which will then be analyzed by an evolutionary hyper-network algorithm. Aptamers are short segments of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) that behave like antibodies in their ability to bind to targets.

"With such a large panel of biomarkers and an advanced analysis algorithm, we strive to minimize the current rate of false-positives associated with screening by low-dose CT," commented Global Discovery Biosciences CEO & Lab Director Dr. Douglas Harrington. "Our goal with this technology is to more accurately detect lung cancer at an earlier stage to ultimately improve survival rates."

The aptamer-based test is currently undergoing Phase 2 studies. Global Discovery Biosciences and IPMD, Inc. are also conducting further research and development to apply this technology to the detection of other chronic diseases.

About Global Discovery Biosciences

Global Discovery Biosciences is a pioneer in the field of diagnostic medicine, working on the cutting edge of medical research to turn discoveries into innovative products and bring those products to the global marketplace. We work with advanced research teams to develop, manufacture, and distribute technology platforms to address the needs of the global disease burden.

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About IPMD, Inc.

IPMD, Inc. is a company on the cutting edge of biotechnology and innovative health services, specifically focusing on individualized preventative care along with a relentless pursuit of new medical technologies such as gene and telomere manipulation, immuno-therapy, innovative diagnostic solutions, and nutritional science.

We are committed to discovering, developing and providing innovative treatments and medical products that deliver significant benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals.


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